End of Academic Session 2016-17

dps logo2016 End of Academic Session 2016-17


Delhi Public School Tapi Communication to Parent on 16.03.2017

Dear Parents and Guardians

It is time to bid goodbye to yet another year, AS 2016-17 at DPS Tapi. The school is like a hive buzzing with busy students and teachers engaged in various academic and co-curricular activities and planning and looking forward to yet more in the next Academic Session 2017-18.

On the infrastructural front, DPS Tapi has a well-ventilated modern building and furniture, well-equipped activity centres, a state-of-the-art Sports Complex, and most importantly – some of the best teachers in the city. Unlike some schools, DPS Tapi does not outsource its curriculum to commercial agencies. Instead, our own experienced and expert teachers and coaches plan out every last detail of academic and co-curricular activity at school, based on their firsthand knowledge of our students and their capacities. Unlike other wholesale package deals, therefore, our curriculum is customized to meet the specific needs of our individual learners.

It saddens me to see that Surat, the hub of commercial development in the country, yet lags behind in education. Education is not just for children but an important requisite for enlightened parenting. The toughest jobs on earth are to be a parent and to be a teacher. These jobs are usually the most poorly remunerated as well. The sole joy of parents and teachers is to see their children blossom into confident and efficient members of society. Parents and teachers stay on the job out of dedication and commitment and their motivation is entirely intrinsic. Therefore, it is crucial to us, as parents and teachers to make the right choices for our children. The right choice often entails sacrifices on our part. Every successful student we admire stands on top of a pyramid of parental sacrifices. When children step out into life, they aren’t supported by the material comforts we provide at home or school. No, the tools for success inbuilt into them are their work ethics, values and capacity to make sacrifices to reach their goal. They learn these qualities by observing our work ethics, our values and our sacrifices. This is the single factor that keeps us motivated.

There are important changes happening in educational frontiers all over the world, and CBSE is the first to implement these changes in its curriculum. The coming academic year will be challenging as well as more fulfilling for our students. Our new curriculum will equip them better to meet international standards and compete with the best. As members of the DPST Family, you are all pioneers in educational innovation. This you have experienced firsthand since our inception in 2009. Every year has brought something new to appreciate on campus and in school life. Those who faithfully attended all school programmes over our bumpy approach road, truly deserve the concrete road recently built by the school management. Our new STP has helped us to green our school and recycle in eco-friendly ways. Every rupee earned in fees is spent on improving and developing our beloved school environs. As we have often said, we are not in the education business, but in the business of education. So, we will continue to grow and develop in our own special way.

Every year, our admission procedure carefully selects the students who will contribute to and benefit from our DPST ethos. This has helped us to nurture the DPST culture. This year, we have a record number of admissions very early in the session, and each new admission is a very good student who will raise existing benchmarks and standards. This is our way of ensuring that our students make their mark through hard work, integrity and time management. DPST believes in hard work in the present for success in the future.

The DPS Tapi website, class blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, Magazine and App are the many platforms on which we communicate all our minor and major events to parents. Please remain updated through these portals on all important upcoming events and dates, including PTMs, SA-2 retests, fees and other information on Academic Session 2017-18.

I would like to end this year on a special note of thanks to all our parents and teachers, who have literally chosen to come the extra mile and be part of the DPST Family. You, students, teachers and parents are at the centre of DPST existence. Together, we will continue to plan, work and improve our DPS Tapi Learning Partnership as well as guarantee that our students will continue to be the best, in any walk of life. I look forward to seeing my students in gleaming new white summer uniforms, with shining eyes, bright smiles and full of eager enthusiasm for AS 2017-18 beginning on Monday, 03 April 2017. 

Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar



Dear Learners

To celebrate last day of this year I request all of you to bring following items tomorrow.

Ingredients for Bhel:

Mamra, chopped onion and tomato, any type of namkin in small quantity, chopped ripe mango and Khatti-Mitthhi chatni  (As per your wish)