HW AS ON 27.1.17

Grammar: Read each sentences and put exclamation mark (!)

Exclamations are sentences that show excitement. They end with an exclamation point (!)

c) Hurray we won the game
g) Wow look at the fire works
h) Ouch
i) Happy New year
j) Oh I lost my pouch.
[Time: 10 min MI: Verbal RBT: Understanding]



Dear Parents
All student items should be labelled. However, because parents do not obey this rule, a lot of unlabelled lost property accumulates in school. Strangely, some students are even unable to remember or identify their own property. In such cases, at the end of the term, school disposes off lost property in trash. If your ward loses any item, please telephone school reception IMMEDIATELY to help locate and return it. School will not be held responsible for unlabelled lost property left unclaimed beyond one month.

HW AS ON 25.1.17

Dear Learners
English hw
Read each sentence carefully and put question mark (?)
Questions ask something they end with a question mark(?)
a) What time does the bus arrive
c) Do you know how to ride a bicycle
d) Which is your favourite season
h) Where are you going on vacation
i) Do you like vegetables
e) Isn’t this a beautiful morning
j) Will you come for my birthday party
d) Will it rain in this week
a) What time is it
[Time: 15 min MI: Verbal RBT: Understanding]