HW AS ON 30.12.16

Dear Learners

English HW

Underline verb in each sentence
1. My friends and I are going to the movies
2. My friends like to read books about fairies.
3. Mom and dad are going out for dinners.
4. Our teachers gave us homework.
5. Rahul is playing on the ground.
6. She sings beautifully.
[Time: 15 min MI:Verbal RBT: Understanding]

HW AS ON 29.12.16

Grammar: Revise the Gender with the help of video given.
Write the correct feminine of the following nouns.
a. master
b. tiger
c. son
d. actor
e. headmaster
f. nephew
g. wizard
i. goose
j. host
k. prince
l. gentleman
[Time:15 min MI: Verbal RBT: Understanding]