Dear Learners and Parents

We are going to conduct Garden Week from Monday 01.08.16 to Friday 05.08.16

To do different activity you need to bring listed things to school on Monday itself.

  1. Garden tray IT SHOULDN’T  BE SO BIG ( refer the picture, need not be rectangular can be round also)
  2. Put one hole in centre for drain.
  3. Bring whole Methi ( Fenugreek seeds) , Mustard seeds or Whole Moong in small quantity  for germination.
  4. Bring  stone- chips, sand and soil in packets to fill the garden tray .

Plastic container sprout_garden_contents-2


Hw as on 30.7.16

Dear Learners

Do two pages of English cursive workbook.Submit english notebook 1&2 on Monday for correction. Ignore those who have already submitted


Dear Learners

Do Two pages of English Cursive writing book.

From Monday Unit 6 will start so all the written work should be done in NB- 2 for C.W and H.W both.

Submit NB-1 on Monday for correction.

HINDI unit 5 will begin so we will use NB- 1 for C.W and H.W. You will get Hindi NB-1 on Monday from

Hindi teacher.