Points to Remember

Check your ward’s Class Blog and DPS Tapi Mobile App daily for

  • Notes and Circulars from School
  • Homework set

Ring DPST Reception whenever you have even a small doubt or query.

Please note the following mandatory points:

  • Read the DPS Tapi Learning Partnership Guide to be aware of school rules.
  • Wearing the student RFID-card is mandatory
  • Wear Summer/Winter uniform as notified
  • Wear House T-shirt on Tuesday and Friday (I-II) / Saturday (III-X)
  • No Mehndi, Jewellery or Tattoo allowed. Girls Only may wear ear-studs.
  • Attendance of school, first and last day before and after vacation is mandatory
  • Send healthy tiffin
  • Label all the stationery material and Uniform including socks and shoes, school bag, tiffin and water bottle
  • Send extra pair of clothes for Pre- Primary
  • Send 10-passport size labeled (Name of the student, Admission No and Class) photographs in school uniform.
  • Send App Communications for 1-2 days leave.
  • Send application in school letter pad if the child is on leave for more than 2 days
  • Submit Medical Fitness Certificate before rejoining
  • Take prior appointment to meet the teacher / principal
  • Mobiles and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited.



  • No distribution of sweets/chocolates/invites allowed.
  • May plant a seedling (should learn scientific and local name).
  • May add Bajra to the birdseed trays in Sparrow Court.



  • The school bus may be late due to traffic issues or mechanical problems.
  • The bus will not wait for parents who are late – to avoid further delay.
  • Delays exceeding 20 minutes will be notified via SMS to parent’s emergency contact number.
  • DPS Tapi Parent ID Card has to be shown to the bus escort while collecting the child.
  • Parent has to escort the student to/from the bus stop.
  • Parents who repeatedly break transport rules or misbehave with bus escort teachers will lose bus facility.
  • Parents are responsible for the safe commute of wards by private taxi/van services.

Bag Weight

a)     Do not carry items not required in the day’s timetable.

b)    Skates in labelled (non-plastic) bags may be left in the classroom.

c)     Do not carry large water bottles as there are sufficient water filter-coolers on each floor. 

d)   Keep your Work books in class. (III-V) / Keep your Work books at home (VI-X) for optional practice.


Class Teacher



79 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Ma’am,
    Shivanshi is not well since yesterday. She is suffering from food poisoning n fever.
    She will not join school tomorrow.

  2. Mam Aarna’s both the english notebooks are in school.so she is unable to do her h.w d
    ated 24 august.plz give her notebook so that she may do her home work

  3. Dear Teacher,
    Shivanshi is suffering from viral infection.
    She could not attend school on Monday and today.
    She will resume on Friday.


    • Dear Teacher,
      Shivanshi is not yet recovered and coughing a lot. She is asked for rest by Doctor. I wish she will resume on Monday.

  4. Respected Mam
    Aarna is discharged from hospital but advised for rest for two more days so most probably she will resume on tuesday.

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